Farmers Business Network Sets Base In High River

The Farmers Business Network has expanded into Canada. This Silicon Valley technology company has set up its base at High River. This will be its Canadian headquarters.

The company has hired more than 10 employees from Canada. There was a strong interest that this network had on the Canadian farmers since it started its operations in 2015.

This is a platform where farmers get to share the data about the seed performance, agronomic practices and the price details of the seed and the crop protection products.

The General Manager for Farmers Business Network in Canada, Tom Staples, said that the biggest challenge that the Canadian farmers faced was the transparent pricing for the inputs. This network will help in offering a level playing field for the farmers. They will enjoy market transparency and democratic information through this network.

At present, more than 1.8 million acres of farms in Canada from Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have enrolled in the Farmers Business Network. The network started its Canadian operations this winter.

The network has also had a tie-up with Yorkton Distributors in Saskatchewan. The farmers who join the network can gain access to plenty of data and information about farming right from seed protection for getting knowledge about generic products from major manufacturers.

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