TGEP Automated ClipperCreek HCS Charging Stations

CREST HILL, IL - 08-09-2018 (Press Release Jet) — TGEP recently introduced the upgrade kits for ClipperCreek HCS Charging Stations.  The upgrade kits for HCS are based on the same architecture as the CS models. The upgrade kit is a bolt-on kit which slides on top of the ClipperCreek HCS model.

The ClipperCreek HCS combined with TGEP upgrade kit enhances the features of the unit and makes it a fully automated kiosk. The Director for TGEP, Tony George said: “This combo kit will be the most economically priced Level 2 EV charger with much greater functionality which can be utilized by any EV charging owner to make revenue”. It’s like making a samurai sword from a regular sword, that’s what TGEP upgrade kit does too ClipperCreek HCS EVSE.  I am proud to celebrate this milestone with my employees who are the most dedicated individuals providing EV solutions to customers with turn-key solutions.”

The Famous EV equipment designer, Nicolas who recently came on board with TGEP designed the upgrade kit. The upgrade kit was designed as an extension of the existing HCS unit to enhance the existing features without modifying the UL listing.

The TGEP upgrade kit comes with access control, energy management, customized software solution, 3-in-1 credit card reader for payments and access to EV charging Network. Commercial and residential multi-unit dwelling owners can now generate revenue and provide cost-effective charging services to employees, customers, and tenants without sacrificing performance or features. TGEP operates a For-Profit EV Charging Network system that gives the owners full control of the charging station.  

upgrade kit comes with a standard 7” capacitive touch display running the TGEP user interface. The screen allows the customers to choose the type of admission for usage to be set by the owner of the charging station. The owner of the charging station can also add a 3-in-1 credit card reader for customers who choose to use the EV charging station using a credit card instead of the TGEP network. Multiple payment options including contactless cards, NFC mobile pay like Apple, Samsung pay’ etc or magstripe cards can be used with the same reader.

About TGEP: Founded in 2013, TGEP is an EV solutions provider with wide range of custom solutions deployed in many countries. The company offers smart kits or upgrade kits for EV charging stations with customized software including payment setup. TGEP’s commitment to the EV industry is aimed at bringing advancement to end customers by continuously focusing on the core needs of the customers.

SOURCE: Suresh, Press Release Comm.
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