Canadian Small Business Prospers Beyond Its Borders

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A new trend that is emerging from the Canadian small businesses shows that they are making good money by selling their goods across the borders. In fact, the small businesses are prospering by selling their goods online to the neighboring Americans. An estimate says that 22 million Americans have spent $8.7 billion buying goods made by Canadian small businesses in 2016.

Selling their products internationally was not a policy for small businesses in Canada. They felt that it was only for big organizations. But, that thought has changed now and that too for good with the emergence of e-commerce.

The e-commerce has changed the way the world is shopping nowadays. All businesses get to sell their products online and Canadian small businesses can sell their products online for customers across the borders. This is a new revenue stream that many of the small businesses in Canada are making use of to good effect.

The Made in Canada goods and brands are popular all over the world. The shoppers from U.S., UK, France and Germany love to shop for Canadian goods and brands. Also, Canada enjoys a very good Canada-U.S trade corridor that opens up a lot of options for the Canadian businesses. It is estimated that the cross-border spending through the e-commerce stream will touch $627 billion by 2022.

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