InCapta, Inc. to Produce New TV Program, “The Info Warriors” in 2018

Series Based on Real Events, Worldwide – To be written, produced and directed in Association with Mancuso Martin Productions

CHEYENNE, WY, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2017 () — InCapta, Inc. (OTC PINK: INCT) plans to produce a new TV show entitled, “The Info Warriors.” The show, slated for production in 2018, will feature an off-beat drama with an eclectic group as they break into buildings, foil bank security systems, peak into big corporations records, takeover cell phones and chase people half-way around the world in pursuit of justice. This is TV drama with a twist and no one knows or would ever admit if such a group really exists.

The Info Warriors are the good guys! When the FBI is busy and local police departments have no clue, this highly specialized team is deployed. Every story is based on real events and some you’ll even recognize in the headlines, while other stories are featured in the show for the first time.

Plans call for the program to be broadcast initially on YouTube until a potential TV channel or cable agreement is negotiated. The show is unique and the company believes that it will hold the attention of audiences of all ages.

Greg Martin, President of InCapta, Inc., said, “Every show we consider for production must meet strict criteria. The program is a unique concept and the show is replete with an elite group of law-abiding characters and will be cast in the near future.

About the Show
The show provides the audience a cast of regular characters who range from former MMA fighters, card sharks, white-hat hackers, social engineers, college professors and special operations soldiers who speak multiple languages. Every character shares common traits; they are ex-military, love their country and prefer to work in the shadows and for them, failure is never an option.

About InCapta, Inc.
InCapta, Inc., formerly known as TBC Global News Network, Inc., is a media holding company, which works with clients to develop, operate, and market online cloud Television networks and other entertainment projects. The Company participates in various fields of online business models by providing executive level managerial assistance, as well as arranging for clients online presence through social media.

About Mancuso Martin Productions and Nick Mancuso
Mancuso Martin Productions is the production company of Greg Martin and Nick Mancuso.

About Nick Mancuso:
During his four decade career, Mancuso’s films included the Apocalypse trilogy produced by Cloud Ten Pictures (Revelation (1999), Tribulation(2000) and Judgment (2001)), and TV has him best known for his starring roles in the NBC action series Stingray (1985), which ran for two seasons, and as the title hitman who becomes a target himself in the one-season Matrix (1993).

TV and film soon came his way in the late 1970s, and he landed roles both in Hollywood, first as TV’s Dr. Scorpion (1978), and back in Canada, where he won the prestigious Genie award for the movie Ticket to Heaven (1981) as a man caught up in a religious cult. He impressed moviegoers as well with his moody, sexy presence in the US film Heartbreakers (1984) co-starring Peter Coyote and has also provided solid support for other stars, notably for Steven Seagal in one of that star’s best action thrillers Under Siege(1992).

A sturdy name as an anti-hero or heavy in modestly-budgeted independents, Mr. Mancuso has proven over the years to be a solid, durable player. More recently, post-millennium gritty films include Time of Fear (2002) Today You Die (2005), starring his “Under Siege” cohort Steven Seagal, Contract Killers (2008), Violent Blue (2011), Entity (2013) and The Big Fat Stone (2014).

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Greg Martin
InCapta, Inc.
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Greg Martin
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