Alain Bouchard fears the impact of the Ontario minimum wage

The father of the Couche-Tard convenience chain, Alain Bouchard, believes that the “too fast” rise in Ontario’s minimum wage will mean the death knell of many convenience stores that are not as financially solid as their own.

“It will put a lot of pressure on the smallest,” said Alain Bouchard during a press conference on the expansion of the company’s headquarters in Laval.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that the minimum wage will increase to $ 15 an hour in January 2019. Alain Bouchard called the rise “too fast” and believes that the economy will not be able to adjust as well Quickly as the Prime Minister claims. “It’s going to cause shocks. ”

Given its enormous size, Couche-Tard will be able to absorb the increase in various ways, in particular by improving its productivity. The company can even take advantage of the situation, since it will eventually have fewer competitors in this province.

200 hires

Couche-Tard had invited the media Tuesday to its headquarters of the Boulevard Industriel in Laval to give details of the expansion announced in April by La Presse . “We’re getting crowded!” “Said Alain Bouchard. The area will be increased by 40%.

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