Professor Richard Cooper , Harvard University Economics Professor, visits China’s emerging mother and baby e-commerce platform, MAMA+ Inc.

With the company of Ha Ba, the founder of MAMA+, Professor Cooper visited the MAMA+’s office area, children’s book library, and learnt the details about MAMA+’s development status, research and development of products, management model and corporate culture, etc. in the interactive discussion. In the meantime, Professor Cooper and the management of MAMA+ also conducted a deep exchange of views on the prospects of Chinese mother and baby market.

As the former US Under Secretary of State, Professor Richard Cooper has worked for multiple US government administrations. His forward-looking economic views has  profound impacts on world economy.

“There has been a remarkable change compared to the first time I came to China years ago. We are not only pleased with China’s achievements but also curious about the logic behind these figures. As you know, for a long time, China was an important engine of the world economy. Professor Cooper believes that, as he had previously publicly predicted: “Chinese economy will maintain steady growth in the future for a long time, and the latest two-child policy will have an important impact on Chinese economy and also global economy.

As the first mother-child e-commerce focusing on the mother group, MAMA+ has achieved a sustained high-speed development in such era. MAMA+ has realized 500% annual increase in GMV, over 50% of next month repurchase rate, and 30% 6-month repurchase rate through membership e-commerce model in over 2 years since it was established in 2014. So far, MAMA+ has gathered millions of mothers that value family education across the country, influencing tens of thousands of families.

Professor Cooper acknowledged the achievements of MAMA+. He made lots of valuable advice to the company. Meanwhile, he also recommended MAMA+ to expand their views, apply global thinking as one of the driving forces for the development of the company, and bring the latest international trends and ideas to Chinese market.

Wu Fanghua, the founder and CEO of MAMA+ said, “With the consumer upgrading, in the era of new retail, consumer-oriented membership-based model will dominate Chinese retail over the next decade, or even longer. And MAMA+ has always been implementing the idea of affiliate marketing business from its establishment, through the establishment of mother community, so that the platform can truly, comprehensively consider the needs and services from mothers’ aspects. Next, MAMA+ will continue to perfect its business model to provide more high-quality and reliable services for mothers.”

As one of the world’s most famous international economic experts, Mr. Cooper is also a professor of Economics department at Harvard University. He was the former Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in the United States, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Dean of Yale University, and has made significant achievements on economic affairs analysis and processing.

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