Earth Dollar Announces the Beginning of the End of Global Poverty at United Nations

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Earth Dollar has the potential to change everything. It presents the possibility to transform the fabric of society, lift entire nations out of poverty, and help create a more sustainable world.

At the Blockchain for Impact event in the United Nations Plaza, founder of the Earth Dollar, David Kam, launches a mission to gather all the people of Planet Earth to come together to work to end global poverty and to create a more sustainable world.

The Earth Jubilee is a 50-day global event in support of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the first of which is the eradication of poverty. The Earth Jubilee starts on 9/21/2017 and culminates on 11/11/2017 11:11 am GMT with the start of the token sale of the Earth Dollar.

Expected to be one of the largest token sales for 2017, the launch of the Earth Dollar signifies a radical new application of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The Earth Dollar aims to create an alternative global economy, a new relationship between currency and resources that will actively protect the natural world.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Earth Dollar is backed by real natural capital assets such as land, water, or forests that have been offered as guarantee by indigenous peoples and other landowners.

Indigenous nations have already pledged approximately 18,000,000 hectares of land, which will be protected as World Heritage Sanctuaries, to back the value of the Earth Dollar. Early partners include the Anishanbe (Algonquin) Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed, Aiken Lake Nation, Tsek’ehne Nation, and the Kingdom of Polynesia.

Kam’s innovation means that every Earth Dollar that is created essentially shifts part of the natural world out of the old extraction economy and into the new sustainable economy, where the value of the currency increases in real terms when the Earth’s treasures and resources are safeguarded.

A mechanism called “World Basic Income” will provide additional revenue in Earth Dollars to communities In return for protecting and sustaining the living world, helping to tackle the effects of poverty in many of the world’s most sensitive regions of natural beauty.

In addition to massive areas of the natural world, a wide range of intellectual property is also being offered to back the Earth Dollar economy, from owners including musicians, artists, film-makers, all willing to pledge their assets to the cause of eradicating poverty.

The Earth Dollar team includes a wealth of experienced advisers, including Dr. Michael Nobel, Tomislav Tesla, and Dr. Ashok-Khosla. Earth Dollar is also supported by True Tesla Technologies. Tomislav Tesla, great nephew of the late Nikola Tesla, will be developing patents and technology, that can be shared with humanity, along with know-how to benefit communities.

Tomislav Tesla commented from his home in Serbia,”I am an architect, a free artist in the creation of unique ideas that will, with my recognized patent solutions, significantly improve the current way of life on the planet, applying ethical principles of work and environmental standards for projects that are already under development.”

He continued “I support the Earth Jubilee project, with the goal of eradicating poverty through our joint efforts. Allowing the growing human population to align to their natural needs with the existing biorhythm of the planet. It is necessary for each of us and the entire planet to be respected.”

Speaking from the United Nations, Founder and Chairman of the Earth Dollar, David Kam thanked all of the partners, supporters and volunteers of the Earth Jubilee. “Earth Dollar has the potential to change everything. It presents the possibility to transform the fabric of society, lift entire nations out of poverty, and help create a more sustainable world.”

Expanding on his motives for creating Earth Jubilee he said “Poverty has affected my family in very real ways. My older brother died from starvation after WWII, and my parents struggled with poverty selling baskets on the streets of Macau for $1 per day before fleeing to Canada with nothing. I had to do something about it, so I have dedicated my life to eradicating poverty and creating a sustainable world. I believe Nelson Mandela when he said that poverty is man-made and anything man-made can be changed.”

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