Global Tree's Director Mr. Subhakar Alapati, in a discussion about the H1-B Visa extensions, USA telecasted in ETv New Channel

February 18, 2018 - Hyderabad, India - The Director of Global Tree Overseas Education consultants Mr. Subhakar Alapati participated in a panel discussion on the speculations followed by worries of H1-B Visa holders after US President Donald Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American” policy in a popular Telugu regional ETV Pratidwani program.

Pratidhwani program, on ETV Andhra Pradesh and ETV Telangana, was telecasted on 03rd Jan 2018. Mr. Alapati Subhakar along with other three panel members, Gudapuri Ramesh Chairman of Indian League of America, Michigan, Ronanki. Madhu Murthy, Professional adviser for Develop Tricks, and Kodali Ekambara Rao, IT & Financial Analyst participated in the discussion.

Mr. Alapati brought the major issues into limelight that USA is struggling from IT professional’s shortage & STEM skill shortage and may not radically attempt to restrict the extensions of H1-B visa holders. This would result in immediate deportations of lakhs of Indian IT professionals. In this view Trump Government may not bring any law that may cause disturbance to USA’s economy as well. He also stated that, the students who enter USA on Study Visa can thrive well if they focus on upgrading and work for a while, and return back to the home country and offer their skills to the nation contributing to its development. Restricting the extensions of H1-B Visas is not even a proposal and there is no need to pay attention to speculation, he added in view of the hearsays about new immigration policies released by US President Donald Trump.

Mr. Subhakar Alapati also told, if the proposal must be considered then it takes time to make it an amendment, which can consume quite a lot of time. Even if the amendment must happen, the Green Card applicants who are under process may not be affected but those who freshly register or apply for Green Card and seek extensions may be in trouble. This issue cannot be seriously predicted because the American Government which is facing the challenges of Skill set shortage will not allow the exodus of 5 to 7 Lakh immigrants overnight from USA.Indians who are benefitted as most of the jobs go to those individuals in STEM Fields like IT and engineering and many of them are from the twin Telugu states. And this speculation has drawn the brows of many analysts from across the world.

Though Trump government prepared to make a move for ‘Protect and Grow American Jobs’ which was expected in 2018 from Department of Homeland Security, the decision cannot be taken randomly and much more plan and organization will avoid chaos. This skill shortage cannot be filled by Americans alone in a day or a month. In view of all these issues, Government of USA will act wisely on behalf of the nation. This would certainly mean that there is no situation that could be hopeless and the dreams of H1-B Visa Process can be cherished for now.

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