AI and Smart Cities Are Just up Canada’s Alley, Says Justin Trudeau

The Canadian PM was very forthcoming on Google’s Go North event in Toronto. Though he was drawing parallels with America and the way immigration and innovation have gone hand in hand in the past, here is where he diverged on some ground rules about immigration as opposed to Trump.

AI the Future

AI is the future of the world of robotics. The Canadian PM said that though he doesn’t know how AI will fare in the future, still he is ready to invest in the future of technology. He also believed that opening Canada’s doors to immigrants is going to attract innovative and progressive thinkers that would take the place forward. The PM is already experimenting with giving a portion of the Toronto Waterfront to Alphabet Sidewalk to develop in an innovative and inventive way that would pave the way forward.

Making Canada Smart

Though the cities and places have been well planned in some locations, there has been an organic growth in the way the cities have been laid out. However, giving a portion to a smart tech company would allow a more practical approach to developing how cities of the future would look like. The PM is more than happy joining hands with tech giant Google to make this happen – Google owes them!!

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