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DOVER, DE - 03-01-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Just about everyone has the problem of clutter that’s been building up in their home and is taking up valuable space. Garage sales and yard sales are a great way to clear out some of your old stuff while you make a bit of cash at the same time. The problem though is that garage sales and yard sales require a lot of work, so most people can only have them once or twice a year. Garage sales and yard sales also need to be announced and effectively promoted. After all, having a garage sale or yard sale doesn’t do you any good if nobody shows up!

Of course, there are plenty of websites and online platforms that enable you to list and sell things. The problem is that these tend to be organized by item type, and as other users post similar items, your listing simply scrolls off of the page and out of sight in virtually no time. These websites also tend to be difficult to use, and require prospective buyers to register before being able to contact you about any of your item listings.

Garage Sale Showcase, created by Coastal Graphics LLC of Dover DE, is different. is the fun, free and easy-to-use way to sell your stuff online. It’s organized by seller, just like a real-world community garage sale or yard sale (although prospective buyers can still browse and search for items by item type if they want to). Your online garage sale Is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and the items you list in your online garage sale will be seen by potential buyers in your hometown and across the USA! is also completely mobile-friendly, so you can manage your entire online garage sale—including taking and posting pictures of your items—quickly and easily with your smartphone. You can also advertise your upcoming real-world garage sales and yard sales on an easy-to-use community calendar!

The items you list on have no automatic expiration date. They can remain listed in your online garage sale as long as you wish. You can indicate that you’re willing to ship an item, or that the item is available for local pickup only. You can also show what payment methods you’re willing to accept (cash, personal check or PayPal™).

Both buying and selling on is anonymous and confidential, so your name, location, and email address are never visible to other users. Additionally, your online garage sale and each item listing you include in it will have its own unique web page with its own unique URL. These pages are visible on the open web and will allow anyone—regardless of whether or not they are also a Garage Sale Showcase member—to find your listing and submit inquiries about it (inquiries submitted by non-members must be verified through email, so as to prevent spam and other nuisance solicitations). Your online garage sale and each item listing you include in it can also easily be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social media platforms with the click of a single button. You can even include links to other websites where you might have the same item listed.

Visit today to set up your own online garage sale, or visit the Garage Sale Showcase Facebook Page for more info. Membership is completely free, and getting started is quick and easy. There’s never been a better time to start getting organized, clearing out the clutter and making some extra money!

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