This Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize the Cannabis Industry and It Launched This Week

LONDON, UK - 06-07-2018 (Press Release Jet) — BuddToken is looking to disrupt the cannabis industry by providing a vital banking solution built on blockchain technology.  Their Pre-ICO began this week and is set to run until June 25, when the main ICO will begin. The platform will provide cannabis companies the means to accept digital payments in the form of its very own cryptocurrency:  BUDD.  


At this moment, the cannabis industry is stuck dealing in strictly cash transactions, as the industry is tied up in regulatory red tape that prevents companies from opening bank accounts. BuddToken’s revolutionary platform will give them the means to accept digital payments in addition to providing business tools such as digital assets storage, supply chain management, and payment portals.


The BUDD Banking Solution to the Cannabis Industry


Blockchain technology provides a medium for regulating and tracking the purchase of cannabis products, as it offers an immutable ledger that is verified by smart contracts. Transactions on the BUDD platform will be instant and secure, protected by 128 bit encryption. Equally, the integrity of the BUDD blockchain will be secured by Ethereum-based proof of work by ASIC. 


This vital model enables BUDD to fulfill several processes and operational gaps for the global cannabis industry such as digital assets storage, supply chain management, invoicing, and more. Blockchain technology is the next logical step in the growth and development of the industry because it provides the security and structure needed to solve many of the problems that surround the sales, purchases, and logistics of the cannabis industry. 


Suitable For Every Business


To use the BUDD payment gateway, you do not need to have any certificate or special skill. Anyone who can setup a basic wallet will be able to utilize the platform to sell their products. All the seller needs is a BUDD merchant account and they will be able to integrate the payment solution into their website.


Easy & Fast Transactions


All the transactions are carried out on a peer to peer basis. Once the transaction is initiated, it will be completed within 10-15 seconds. BUDD Token’s platform will be able to handle 1000 Transactions per second, which is 200 times faster than the blockchain that powers Bitcoin.  


Budd Wallet


Sending and receiving BUDD tokens is convenient and easy with BUDD Wallet. Users only need the receiving party’s address to complete a transaction. By utilizing smart contracts, the BUDD Wallet will protect the privacy and security of both the buyer and seller. They also plan on unveiling the Budd Mobile app for Android and IOS to facilitate mobile payments.  


BUDD’s Mission


Budd Token’s mission is to pull the cannabis industry from the marginalized to the mainstream by providing blockchain-based business solutions to the cannabis community. They will combine their expertise in blockchain development with their extensive contacts in the global cannabis space to provide much needed solutions for cannabis sellers. As they believe in the benefits and potentials of marijuana, they also believe in the technology that powers the blockchain. 


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