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Chief Executive Officer of Marriott Says Trump’s Administration Isn’t Favorable for the Travel Industry

Someone who is well known in the travel industry has mentioned that President Trump may not be helping business owners in the field with his policies. He further disclosed that for obvious reasons, many of them are now considering moving to Canada instead of remaining in the US.

According to Arne Sorenson, the CEO of Marriott International, some of them have already secured places to do business in Canadian cities such as Toronto. They feel that Toronto and similar cities have a more welcoming environment than what they have in the US.

Arne Sorenson put it this way in his chat with Bloomberg News: “You’re going to have people coming in from everywhere, and they are going to be looking at ‘Can we get our people in? Are they going to want to go to that place?” He added: “At the moment there’s a perception around the world that the US is a little less welcoming that it was in the past.”

To substantiate his claim, he made reference to Trump’s decision to ban Muslims from entering the country.

This fear didn’t just start today. Many of the people in the industry were pessimistic right from the day the President assumed office in January. In fact, statistics reveal that visits to the US from other countries have declined.

To salvage the situation, Marriott International is trying to acquire a 65-story luxury tower in Toronto to make it remain recognized as the world’s largest hotel.