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Canadian Women Need Help From National Council To Run Big Firms

It is a very good idea that more and more women take up businesses in Canada. In order to develop more females to run larger companies, it is important that Canada has a National Women’s Business Council. The main aim of the council should be to help the female businesswomen to successfully take care of larger companies.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the US President Donald Trump joined hands to start a new Council named the Canada-United State Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders.

This Council released its third report with the strategies to help the women entrepreneurs in both the countries to start and perform well in high-growth businesses.

There is a suggestion made by the council that Canada must also have an equivalent council to that of the United States National Women’s Business Council. This is a body that offers all the advice to the United States Government about the issues that women-owned businesses face.

The new council in Canada can play a similar to what the US group plays. It can carry out research and also interact with other business groups to help empower the women-run businesses. Council member Dawn Farrell is looking at the government and the private sector to join hands to fund this new organization for women entrepreneurs.