Canadian Business Tribune

Canadian Small Businesses Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

The small businesses in Canada do not have the necessary tools to handle the cyber security breach. It is seen that almost one-third of the small businesses in Canada are unknowingly letting loose the sensitive information and data of their customers. The phishing scams get easy access to their data.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) said it has seen a huge gap between the personal protection and awareness of the cyber security among businesses. It is very important for everyone to know about cyber security in this day and age.

Getting educated about cyber security cannot be made from a one-stop shop. It is a long and complex process, according to Dave Chiswell, the Vice President of Product Development at CIRA.

A survey report shows that 77 percent of small businesses who have their own domain are worried if they’re victims of cyber crimes or not. Over 35% of the businesses have not invested any money protecting their domain against cybercrime.

Chiswell says that a large population of the internet users is not educated. This is why they are soft targets for internet hackers. The individual internet users and smaller businesses do not have the necessary tools to prevent the security breaches online.