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Canadian Businesses Should Take Facebook Hullabaloo Seriously

The growth of Facebook Inc. is phenomenal. It has over 2.2 billion active users and about 20% share of the world’s advertising market. The popularity and the power of Facebook have received a big jolt after the government inquiries and revelations that it had to go through over the past month.

This story of Facebook must not be taken as just another news from the Canadian businesses. They should consider this as a warning for their business. It is very important to give due importance and security of the customer’s data or the business might have to face serious consequences later.

This new Facebook scandal is an eye opener for all small, medium and large sized businesses of the world. The privacy and the data issues are now larger than life. People have started to realize that their private data and information can be easily compromised online. They know it can be easily misused.

There are many businesses that use the data of Facebook to carry out targeted advertising. It is the day and age of internet advertising. It is very important for each and every business to take measures to protect their customer’s data. The talks about data safety and security must be put into real practice.