Setcoin Is Targeting 1.8 Billion People Around The Globe

CALIFORNIA – 02-23-2018 (Press Release Jet) — What is SetCoin?

SET stands for Service Exchange Token. SetCoin is the token created by Inserviss for payments between service providers and customers. Unlike traditional third-party platforms, Inserviss has no intentions of collecting commissions. All transactions on the Inserviss platform will be commission-free! And more so, transparent, fast and secured since it’ll be on the Blockchain.

What is Setcoin though and what is Inserviss?

A simple definition sees Inserviss as a platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. It is a marketplace where service providers from a diverse range of fields are connected to buyers through an online platform. These services range from medical services offered by doctors and dentists to those offered by body care specialists like masseurs or masseuses, to name a few.

What service providers basically do is set up their profiles and the services they offer on Inserviss. Interested buyers or customers then make use of Inserviss to locate the geographic position or location of these service providers; along with their prices, promotions and more. Setcoin is the Bitcoin-powered cryptocurrency customers use to pay for the services. It makes all these transactions possible.

Let’s look at a few of the unique selling points:

  • The business end of Inserviss is A1!
  • The service sector has always experienced exponential growth, Inserviss will come in handy now more than ever
  • The SetCoin Blockchain will be the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus (RBBC). It is 94,000 times faster than Bitcoin and can process transactions at a lightning pace of 660,000 transactions per second compared to Bitcoin’s seven transactions per second.
  • David Drake, chairman at LDJ capital is on the advisory board along with some notable personalities.

Setcoin stands out among the different types of cryptocurrency simply in terms of speed. It is considerably faster than bitcoin, as proven by its sheer processing speed during transactions. It is the brainchild of Igor Perepelychnyy, an engineer with almost a decade’s worth of experience in IT; and half a decade’s worth of experience in the finance industry.

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