Northern Alberta Consumers Meet With Tri Nguyen from St. Albert Self Storage Ltd.

    EDMONTON, AB, February 20, 2018 —


Q: What Does it Mean for Your Company to be Voted by Consumers as your City's Best?
A: To be voted by consumers as our North Alberta's best four years in a row means a certain validation of our company's service, employee's work ethnic and customer satisfaction is acquired. As any company, we put the customer first in all of our work. To be chosen as the City Best would be an honour.

Q: What is it About Your Company You Feel Sets You Apart From Your Competitors?
A: In our company, we value the customer above all else. Custom satisfaction is exhibited through all levels in our company: meticulous management, friendly customer reception, and excellent upkeep of our storage grounds to ensure our customer's safety, and pleasant use of our facilities.

Q: How Will Winning This Award Affect the Work You Do Moving Forward?
A: Our hope in winning this award is to only continue our excellent work in which we continue to do.

Q: What is the Biggest Risk You Have Ever Taken in Business?
A: The biggest risk we have taken in our storage business is innovation. With a focus on the customer, we have tried new ideas and storage options that fit the need of our customers with our implementation of mobile storage containers. The increase in operational costs at the slow economy time.

Q: Businesswise, What is Your Next Big Step?
A: Our next big step is to ensure we satisfy our customers, ensuring those who use our services continue to do so with trust.


Tri Nguyen | Site Manager
[email protected]
245 Carnegie Drive
St. Albert, AB T8N 5A7

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