Leading ISP Deploys BridgeWave Carrier-Class Multi-Gigabit Systems to Extend Fiber Easily, Quickly, and Inexpensively

LA’s congested airwaves are no concern for BridgeWave multi-Gigabit system serving Pavlov Media customer in downtown Los Angeles.

The BridgeWave systems enable us to provide multi-Gigabit connectivity that’s as reliable as our fiber more quickly and less expensively

San Diego, California March 14, 2018

BridgeWave Communications, a market leader in wireless backhaul systems, today announced that Pavlov Media, the USA’s largest private provider of Internet services to off-campus student housing, has deployed BridgeWave multi-Gigabit 80 GHz systems to expand on its national fiber optic backbone connecting hundreds of multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) communities in more than 40 states. The service provider’s most recent BridgeWave deployments are located in Los Angeles CA and Tempe AZ, and they provide Gigabit Internet access to MDUs housing thousands of students attending public and private colleges and universities. The BridgeWave systems were installed within days and without the delays and high costs of fiber, including those associated with installation, legal assistance, provisioning, and permitting.

“Internet access is listed as the number one required amenity in college student housing facilities and when it comes to Internet access, there are no subscribers more demanding – or more vocal – than college students,” said Mark Scifres, CEO and founder of Pavlov Media. “As such, students not only expect Internet access at the highest speed, but one hundred percent reliability as well. While we own and lease fiber in our backbone, in some cases it makes sense to use BridgeWave systems to extend our network. The BridgeWave systems enable us to provide multi-Gigabit connectivity that’s as reliable as our fiber more quickly and less expensively.”

According to Scifres, the BridgeWave multi-Gigabit systems have met every challenge encountered without any interruption in service. These include the brutal heat, high wind, and sandstorms in Tempe and heavy interference from other broadcast radios on the congested airwaves of the Los Angeles metro area. “But it’s not only the cost savings and reliability of the BridgeWave equipment that has impressed us – it’s the BridgeWave technical team that we can turn to whenever we need additional expertise deploying the systems,” said Scifres.

Laying fiber cable is costly, time consuming, and sometimes not even possible. Leasing fiber circuits has similar issues, with an added downside: the fiber is owned and controlled by the lessor under long-term contract. As Pavlov Media has experienced, BridgeWave systems provide a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to expand a backhaul network without the hassles and costs of new or leased fiber to connect customers. BridgeWave multi-Gigabit millimeter wave (80 GHz) radio systems deliver fiber capacity, 256-bit AES encryption for highest data security, and the highest system gain to ensure maximum throughput at the longest distances.

“The fact that Pavlov Media has chosen to use BridgeWave systems is a valuable endorsement of our technology, products, and commitment to customers,” said Pamela Valentine, vice president of marketing, BridgeWave Communications. “We want to provide our customers with systems that enable them to scale capacity affordably, quickly, and without trading off performance and reliability. Case in point is our Flex4G-10000. We’re experiencing high demand for this 10Gbps product from the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia due to the impressive ROI it offers over fiber and other wireless alternatives in the market.”

About Pavlov Media
Pavlov Media is headquartered in Champaign, IL and offers broadband and television services nationally. The company provides fiber services on its national backbone network, delivering speeds up to ten Gigabit (10,000 Mbps). Pavlov Media specializes in private Internet Protocol networks designed, constructed and operated by a team of dedicated professionals from the multifamily real estate industry. Pavlov Media adds value to properties and businesses by delivering IP products that enhance customer satisfaction and protect assets. For more information, visit http://www.pavlovmedia.com.

About BridgeWave
BridgeWave Communications provides high-capacity microwave and millimeter wave backhaul and wireless connectivity solutions to carriers, service providers, governments, and private enterprises. With over 30,000 systems deployed in more than 60 countries, the company’s innovative solutions have been entrusted by customers to enable highly reliable and secure, high-capacity, Gigabit connectivity while reducing operating costs relative to fiber. Founded in 1999, BridgeWave is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, visit http://www.bridgewave.com.

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