[email protected] – 06-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — A conceptual innovative approach to teaching choreography, combined with production of a feature film, starring You, the student, is about to become available to the world, as Accent Dance Studio in collaboration with Mr. Alex Fisher ( is proud to announce that the launch of his new project, ready to revolutionize the way you learn how to dance. The best part of it all is that the inimitable folk-dance pro, Mr. Fisher will make you a dancing movie star. 

Hailing from the land-far-away of Russia, Mr. Aleksei Rybalkin, professionally known as Aleks Fisher, is one of the most prominent figures in the world of modern choreography today, a lead soloist of the prestigious Moscow Music Hall, and the world-famous “Riverdance” show, a choreographer of the Dancing With The Stars – Russia, he remains a sought-after professional and one of the top experts in the field of choreography. 

In a typical neighborhood dance studio across America, things are done very similarly. By the end of the year, the studio comes up with an annual concert, summing up the results of the year in training, which usually takes place in some small community theater and features only certain dance numbers. Such dull status quo got our dance teacher, Mr. Fisher to thinking:

“What if we push the envelope and go much further? What if throughout the whole year, we prepare and professionally shoot dance video clips and eventually create a full-length dance film, with its own plot, a lot of dancing, featuring each one of our students?” 

After all, if you think about it, how many movies and music videos are being made in the modern world? Certainly, not less than there are dancing and theatrical shows. So the idea of Mr. Fisher, working with one of LA’s most wanted, “Accent Dance Studios” (, is to teach children not only the art of sport or stage choreography but also the modern trend of fashion – the world of cinema.

What truly makes this experience so unique is the hand-crafted approach, taken by Mr. Fisher, who is widely known for his versatility and his visionary approach, stemming from his long-time collection of folk dances from all over the globe, combining and modernizing them and creating a signature style of his very own. The roots of this idea may also be found in the kids’ book, authored by Mr. Fisher and published all-across his homeland of Russia, wherein he presents his views on the subject and reveals some of his dance techniques.

We are going to create unique choreography, our partners will write a script and together we will shoot full-fledged dance films, whereby children would have the opportunity to understand how much dancing on stage is different from the dance appearing on the movie screen. Such understanding could be invaluable in realizing not only the technical aspects of the choreography but how such choreography is perceived by the audience. Such educational experience is not offered anywhere in the world, and while getting introduce ou, telling your story, featuring your best dancing moves, demonstrating your progress and growth, and depicting the wonderful experience of learning the art of dance. So you think you can dance and be the next movie star?If so, check out Accent Studio official website and sign up with Mr. Fisher in both worlds, the whole process of study becomes much more entertaining and immersive

And in the end? In the end, you get a feature film, starring you, becoming a part of this truly breathtaking experience”.

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