Girls in Tech Triples 2018 Catalyst Conference Global Impact with International Debut

SAN FRANCISCO February 15, 2018

Girls in Tech, a non-profit organization focused on the empowerment, entrepreneurship, engagement, and education of women in technology, is proud to announce their 2018 Catalyst Conference series. The annual Catalyst Conference, a multi-day event designed to inspire ideas and innovation in women, has grown so much that for the first time since Girls in Tech’s inception in 2007, it will be hosted internationally. This year, Girls in Tech will triple the Catalyst Conference impact by hosting the event in London, Melbourne, and in the organization’s home market, San Francisco.

“We’re honored to host the sixth annual Catalyst Conference and humbled to hear new voices in growing tech sectors throughout the world,” said Adriana Gascoigne, Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech. “Catalyst is about so much more than the loudest voices getting the soundbites – it’s about getting real with women in tech, and there are far too many experiences that have not been told around the world. This year, we’re championing the unique perspectives, untold experiences, and new voices of the women pioneers leading industries outside the Silicon Valley ecosystem.”

The annual Girls in Tech Catalyst Conferences aim to spark ideas and encourage innovation from inspiring women leaders. Each Catalyst Conference will feature keynote speakers, TED-style presentations, fireside chats, and networking events intended to foster life-changing business relationships.

To view sample video of a previous Catalyst Conference, please watch:

This conference will take place on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at The Brewery in London, UK.

There are dozens of speakers from leading employers and innovative companies confirmed for this year’s event, including:

  • Jane Moran, CIO, Unilever
  • Jessica Butcher, Co-Founder, Blippar
  • Jacqueline de Rojas, President, techUK
  • Dr. Veronica Lange, Head of Innovation, UBS
  • Diane Perlman, Chief Marketing Officer, Unruly
  • Pip Wilson, co-founder and CEO, Amicable
  • Teresa Carlson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services
  • Gail Giacobbe, Vice President of Product, GoDaddy

Find a full list of speakers here:
For more information or to register to attend, please visit:

BNY Mellon is the generous title sponsor for the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference London. Additional sponsors include: Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy, Nutanix, and Micro Focus.

This two-day event is slated for May 30-31, 2018 at 39 S Wharf Promenade in Melbourne, AU.

Some key speakers for this event include:

  • Helen Souness, CEO, RMIT Online
  • Shahirah Gardiner, Co-Founder, Finch
  • Christine Rodrigues, Head of Partnerships, Braintree
  • Amy Glancey, Head of Communications, Atlassian

For more information or to register to attend, please visit:

LaunchVic is the generous title sponsor for the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference Melbourne.

This two-day event will be held on June 13-14, 2018 at Bespoke in San Francisco, US.

Some key speakers for this event include:

  • Jessica Herrin, CEO and Founder, Stella & Dot
  • Danielle Feinberg, Director of Photography, Pixar
  • Becky Case, VP of Engineering, Birchbox
  • Rathi Murthy, CTO, Gap
  • Clara Shih, CEO and Co-Founder, Hearsay

For more information or to register to attend, please visit:

McKesson is the generous title sponsor for the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference San Francisco. Additional sponsors include: Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy, Nutanix, and The Linux Foundation.

About Girls in Tech:
Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology. Adriana Gascoigne founded GIT in 2007 to create a support framework to help women advance their careers in STEM fields. GIT aims to accelerate the growth of innovative women entering into the high-tech industry and building startups. GIT achieves this through the creation of proprietary, innovative programming and strategic global partnerships.

With headquarters in San Francisco and more than 100,000 members located around the globe, GIT relies on volunteer efforts to lead each of the 60 local chapters. Programming and events vary by chapter based on local interests and needs. GIT is not just for professional women. It exists for anyone with an interest in technology, startups and providing women with a platform for growth. But GIT operates with the spirit of the girl within all of us—fearless, lively and determined. For the latest updates, read GIT’s blog or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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