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GERMANY – 02-23-2018 (Press Release Jet) — AIOM – Artificial Intelligence of Medicine is an AI-Software for medical analysis and research. AIOM will create a platform for people from all over the world to receive medical benefits, but this is not the only thing we want to create. We also want to build a “machine” that will use AI to research diseases using the vast amount of information which is currently available today with the aim of developing healing methods. In short, the goal is to use AI to find cures for various diseases.

There are already many studies and research reports available. There is also a lot more data from independent sources like living circumstances, regional diseases, natural medications that are used and so on. All this information is important and necessary to do thorough research on any disease, but all that valuable information is worth junk as it is not being used.

We aim to create an intelligent machine that is researching diseases independently. An AI that can filter the relevant information out of this huge pile of data.

However, all the needed information is complex, e.g., personal life stories and disease courses. We can no longer research such a vast amount of data without an AI. A machine that is able to collect and process such a huge amount of data? We from Aicosoft want to achieve this! We will build a machine which is doing exactly this.

We will even go one step further. We do not want to use specific results and data; we want to use all available data. Therefore we plan to work together with universities, pharma companies, and research foundations. All information available on the internet will also be used (Big Data).  In the end, our AI will give us results about healing methods that have or haven’t worked with statistical probabilities and environmental variables.

All results from the research will be provided to all our partners, who will, in turn, use this information for further research. Universities, for example, will get the results for free, while commercial partners like Pharmaceutical companies will pay for the results. All profile data shared will be anonymous.

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