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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – 02-14-2018 (Press Release Jet) — A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia, a film produced by Suzanne Ayer Patterson and Only the Difficult Productions, is now released on YouTube. This incredible documentary describes the BEAM Procedure, Bi-lateral Electrocoagulation of Adrenal Medulla, a surgery done in Ecuador that since 2006 has eliminated the symptoms of schizophrenia and restored normal lives in over 110 patients with between one and 22 years of schizophrenia. 

BEAM Procedure was created and patented by Dr. Jose R. Mackliff, Ecuadorian psychiatrist and researcher, after 30 years of self-funded, scientific research. Case study interviews, filmed at the Pan America Clinic in Guayaquil Ecuador, show patients and their families describing how they were before the BEAM surgery and the miraculous changes that occur after the surgery. A clearly illustrated graphic video segment explains how the surgery works.

Cause and Cure of Schizophrenia

In patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, blood adrenaline is released in a delayed fashion, causing daily decreased levels of glycaemia; causing attacks of uncontrollable anger, hallucinations and highly aggressive behavior. The BEAM surgery on the adrenal medulla glands (above the kidneys) eliminates the production of blood adrenaline and causes the brain to compensate by producing sufficient nor-adrenaline to take on the role of regulating cerebral dopamine. 

This is the answer to the cause of schizophrenia which is a failure of adrenaline to arrive to the hypothalamus pituitary thyroid adrenal (HPTA) axis in the brain stem. The cure is BEAM Procedure, which makes it possible to regulate cerebral dopamine in schizophrenics. 

Dr. Mackliff has co-authored a book with Suzanne Patterson titled A Life Worth Living – Schizophrenia Alternative Treatment, published on Amazon (January 2017), which shares much practical advice about all aspects of schizophrenia and its treatment, and the BEAM Procedure surgery.

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